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My First Two Workshops With Government School Kids

photo 1Lo! Few weeks ago I was thinking of having workshops among the youth. Just a few trips to government schools and I found the platform. I found them full of youth energy, an energy which is fresh, unbiased and full of enthusiasm. Eyes were following me as if asking, ‘what this new face is doing here?’ I met their principal to ask if any help is required to improve the infrastructure of the school and I offered that besides infrastructure, I would like to be associated with the children. To get to know them, to motivate them for their future and things like that. Thankfully she was all in for the support.
Two weeks ago I held the first workshop with 8th graders, prior which I had butterflies in my stomach. But it went pretty well. I asked them about their families, about their dreams and taught them some good motivational things like – each journey starts from within and then it has the power to influence each and everyone around us and eventually it has the power to change our society, city, state, nation and then the world at large. And a few other things like cleanliness internal and external as well etc. photo 2

On monday it was the second workshop, this time I was quite comfortable. When I entered the classroom, it was indescribably dirty. I asked them instantly, would you clean it with me? And guess what was the answer? They said, ma’am you just wait for five minutes outside the classroom and we will do it. Four girls instantly took the responsibility, they arranged the brooms in a few moments and the mission started. In ten minutes it was all clean. I appreciated their efforts and zeal. And this is how the workshop started and went awesomely well.
They are the kids away from the gadgets and exposure from the internet. This is the reason they have a rawness in them.
I don’t know if a journey has started or not, neither do I know where this step would lead to. I know only that I felt an unstoppable flow of energy to do this particular task. I just believed I have to do it. Who knows this tiny step would make a lifetime difference in any one of these girls’ life. But there is neither a unit nor an instrument through which we can measure that change or happiness or motivation. And I felt immensely satisfied after meeting them. I have this feeling in my heart that through this at least I am doing something for my country. Though there is a long way to go, but I think the first step has been taken. That’s it.
(Sharing the real images from both the workshops)

Thank you friends. Good day!!!
Medhavi 🙂

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