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Learn to dissolve judgment in 5 easy steps

When we start our journey towards self-improvement, we have to peel off the layers of our own preconceived notions & beliefs, one after the other. We learn to deal with our negative traits & the energy oozed out from them.

According to me judgment comes in some of the top self-generated problems. Here is how we can deal with it:

1. If you would analyze your past or present, you would realize how being a judge has always wounded you for no reason. Then why to stick to it? Release it for your own sake.

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2. When you judge someone, you create a distance,   where at the other corner the other person is standing, judging you with exactly the same frequency. Erase your judgmental energy & send a clear message of compassion & gratitude.

3. In Indian culture, we keep in touch with our extended families often. No matter how frequently we meet, we cannot have an idea, what the other person is going through. So, better let them live their life. I mean to say don’t judge your near & dear ones.

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When you describe someone, you describe yourself; and whether or not it is right about the other, it’s certainly right about you. Be aware while judging someone. In fact don’t judge at all.




4. Close your eyes & think of that person as your own child. Remember his/her face & let go of all their wrongdoings, just as you would have forgiven your own offspring’s.

5. If you are judging someone, it means you believe that you are right & the other is wrong. While it may be the other way round. Your thinking is based on your journey & experiences, while other’s is based on his. Think relatively & be at peace.

That’s all, friends! Hope you liked my ideas. If you have something to say or a new idea through which you deal with your judgmental mind, I would love to hear that. Like my Facebook page Life Coach Medhavi Jain & get my daily quotes.

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1 Comment

  • Devi Prasad
    Posted August 29, 2015 at 1:08 PM

    We will definitely be at peace by not being judgmental. No doubt about it. But not being judgmental is being politically correct in a way. Is it not? How far it is fair to make an effort and try being politically correct with your near and dear ones and close friends? With casual acquaintances it may work well. But with close ones it may create a distance. It doesn’t mean to interfere with their daily lives by constantly nagging them. But in the Indian context, I feel some times at least one needs to be judgmental to be considered affectionate. Of course this comes naturally out of attachment which is again not desirable for your own happiness. An occasional advise based on ones own experience does not harm if it does not hurt one if not followed. Hope I made myself clear enough.

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