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A Tiny Blog On Pet Love

People say, ‘they sit by your side in your ups & downs. You become a pet parent, you cuddle with him, he loves you immeasurably. Whenever you arrive at home he welcomes you with showering infinite love. Life moves on… Now you don’t ponder over what you heard because his unconditional, endless love is enough for you.

Then one day you become really pissed at one of your family members. You are shouting, crying… Suddenly you notice, he is the only one sitting by your side. You storm out of the room & he is the one to follow you. You may get angry on him but he won’t stop until you cuddle with him & then he will look straight into your eyes, as if understanding what you are going through. He will lick your hands to express his sympathy. Seeing his love you will become even more sentimental.

This is what a dog brings in your life.

Much love
Medhavi 🙂

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