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10 Things Jain Philosophy Taught Me

Belonging from a mixed culture (Baniya, Punjabi) gave me, comparatively, a broader point of view to see and understand things. I got married into a Jain family. Eventually after sixteen years, my reading habit made me curious to know the answers of some philosophical questions like: What is life? Why are we here? What is our purpose? What lies beyond etc.? Then as destined I got in touch with the teachings of Jainism, within two days I started to transform, I felt a divine energy pouring through me. I found many of my hidden capabilities, till then lying somewhere in my subconscious. At that moment I realised why there are so less people interested in, or know about this philosophy? Silently my consciousness took a pledge of studying it further (as much as I can), and then spread it in my own way. As I believe 'Life is a journey of knowing, not believing.' I picked up my lost dreams again, of continuing my education. Since then there is no looking back. In past 6-7 years, I became a writer, completed my graduation, then masters (in Jainism), became a Life-Coach, in the meanwhile two of my Hindi poetry books got published, and now I am a research scholar, busy in PhD. Without wasting time, I would like to share a few things that this wonderful philosophy has taught me.

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Honest… Fearless

Dawn arrives Because it has to. It doesn't wait for anyone To be happy or sad about Wanting or not wanting Loving or hating. It's beyond mere constrictions And so does the sun, the moon The wind, the ocean, the earth. They are honest Hence calmer Fearless & unanswerable. Pleasant day pals!!! Medhavi :-)

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  Do you believe in miracles, I do. When noons are 43 degrees high, And rains come in the night, How temperature falls from 40 to 25, How hot air turns into cool wind. Isn't it a miracle quite? When it's day which seems like night, Full of black clouds & full of strife. Then all of a sudden the…

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