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Recently one of our team member died due to a sudden disease. He was just 33 years old. It hurts… But what can be done. I, as a writer, couldn’t stop myself to think through his family’s perspective and through the philosophical aspect too. Sharing something I wrote.

Death of a near one,
When a sudden void comes our way.
An abyss.
When we don’t find a way,
Completely lost into the darkness.
When nothing is left in our life
except a big woeful question mark.
When we stop finding meaning in anything,
Life becomes aimless.
When we believe death is the ultimate,
There is nothing left after that.
In that darkness, in that abyss,
We find a glimpse of a light.
That ray of light belongs to Dharma,
Where, there is a scope of our unanswered questions.
Where we can be free of our woeful burden.
Which first gives us enough time to cry our heart out,
Sympathise us, soothes us and then asks us,
Child, why are you crying?
We answer because we loved him.
Dharma says,” Child! Differentiate between love
And selfishness.”
“Pure, serene love never comes into the journey of the
loved one.”
We all are on our very own journeys,
Journeys which belong to the truth.
It is our immaturity that we bind our journeys
with someone else.
Unfortunately, we intermingle them.
And start having this false belief that we are together
on this path.
We forget the truth, that we all are alone and will always
be alone.
Others come and go, help us, teach us, love us,
hate us, but at last they have to go,
Towards their own journeys.
Death is not the truth just like birth wasn’t.
We must stay calm and patient and should contemplate
that that soul’s one more journey is completed.
We can not come into anyone’s journey,
Because this journey belongs to the universe.
Friends, we can’t say if there is life after death? But we can assume and analyse that this can not be the end. All these are theories. But at least we can find our solace in the shelter of dharma.

Thank you friends.
Have a contemplative day ahead!!!

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