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A Day And A man’s Life…

Every morning brings freshness, newness with it. It’s raw, as if a baby has just been born. Everything seems cool, calm, fresh, raw, happy & as soon as the sun moves up in the sky it seems that the baby is growing. Day’s tensions increase, we think about what to do, how to do this, how to do that…. And when the sun is just above our heads it seems like the peak of youth. When one is most productive, aggressive, most hard working & most earning and so on… And as the sun starts to come down, after the noon, towards the west; it seems that one is moving one is moving towards his middle age now. Trying to analyse his life, trying to find the meaning of life, becoming patient & so on… and gradually as the sun moves down further it seems that they are the passing years of one’s life when one is getting old. Now he doesn’t have that hold on things as he used to had earlier. And when the sun sets in the west; it seems the end of one’s journey as well, with his old age.
But still this one day gives us a message that each & every one of us is equally important; well… if not for humans, but for the universe. Because no matter what, everyone has to have the same journey of birth, growing up & death. This is the universal rule & we can not change it. But we should always keep this too in mind that if the sun has set for the day, he will come up again tomorrow; with the same freshness, zeal, rawness & glory.
This is the cycle of life…. Which goes on & on & on….
Thanks for your time friends.
Have a sunny day ahead!!!
Medhavi 🙂

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