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The Power Of Consciousness


I thought of a work and I did it,

I thought of a building and created it.
I thought of being developed & got developed,
I thought of getting equipped & got equipped.
I thought of finding the methods & found them,
I thought of becoming a gem & now I’m a gem.
I thought of covering the distances & covered them,
I thought of the technologies & stemmed them.
I thought of the food & cooked it,
I thought of knitting & knitted it.
I thought of the talking & talked,
No matter if the person is sitting next to me
or far away on a hill top.
I asked a question to myself & answered it,
I was lost & wanted to find a way & found it.
I was depressed & wanted to overcome it & I succeeded,
I wanted to loose weight, I determined & I lost it.
I wanted to earn money & earned it,
I wanted to return to innocence & I returned.
Concisely, I did what I thought.
I achieved what I thought.
Because I am the consciousness,
I am the power.
And this is the power of consciousness.
Thank you friends & have a powerful day ahead!!!
Medhavi 🙂

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