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Do Good to Feel Good

Life is all about feeling good because good feelings make us feel worthy, satisfied & lighter on our feet. The feel good factor is directly related to a clearer conscience, which is always ready to help someone in need. In this context I would like to share one of my personal experience.

A Life Transforming Beginning

Earlier whenever I used to walk on the streets, I used to crib on seeing stray dogs, that why are they here? Why don’t the government take the necessary steps to remove them to make our society cleaner? But you would agree with me that it’s all about our perspective of seeing things & situations.


Due to some happenings in my life I felt an awakening in me, which not only motivated me to write but also changed my viewpoint towards everything.

[themify_box style=”orange highlight shadow” ]It was a broadening of vision, where there was space for every living being.[/themify_box]


Hence, I started loving those street dogs. It was the rainy season of 2010. During that time a female dog gave birth to many of her off springs just next to our house. I started feeding those pups along with their mom, with milk & bread. I can’t describe the feeling of satisfaction I used to get. Soon, the dogs started loving me so much that they used to surround me with affection, whenever I used to move out for my daily walk. Now, that was a happy pain for me.


Then I had to adopt another way. I fixed my driver to get their food daily & now it was his duty to feed them. It has been 5 years since then and the journey still continues. I made it a point that if I am out, the routine didn’t get break. At times I used to forget also, but then there was always my kitchen to fill the need.

I must admit I have always seen a deep respect for me, in their eyes, as if they know I am behind their food.


[su_box title=”Learning” style=”bubbles” box_color=”#38148a” title_color=”#d7cccc”]My relationship with dogs has not only taught me some good lessons of gratitude & unconditional love but it has made me feel as if I am connected with all the dogs in the world & that they will never hurt me. [/su_box]

Though recently we have moved to our new house but thankfully still there is someone who comes from that place. So, the cycle still goes on…


Friends, when we do something for humans, as humans we tend to expect something in return. Though that’s not right. But when we do something for the animals, there is no expectation. This feel good factor is indescribable.

You may also choose to feed the animals in your surroundings.


Peace & happiness!

Medhavi 🙂

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