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5 ways to tackle emotions internally

When it comes to emotions aren’t we all passengers of the same boat? Why & how they control us, why do we mostly surrender in front of them? When would we learn to handle them? As humans we tend to observe & judge, often unnecessarily & enhance our own emotional problems; especially with our near & dear ones.
Positive emotions include joy, happiness, hope, pleasure etc. while its the negative ones that control us; e.g. anger, disgust, dismay, proud to name a few.
[su_box title=”Why ” title_color=”#ffffff”]The reason we suffer from our emotion is not because of the emotion itself, but because of our resistance to that particular emotion. -Teal Swan[/su_box]
Here are the 5 easy, understanding steps to deal with them effectively:
  • Understand them
If we go deeper into our life’s incidents & into the pattern of our own thoughts; we will find that in most of the circumstances it’s our mind that works against us. This is our sabotaging mind. We need to understand the emotions which ooze out from this mind, they are in form of frustrations, unnecessary anger or pride of owning something. We have to learn to understand them that they are natural & an essential part of the human behaviour, just like me the other person is also going through them &, perhaps, is trying to get rid of them.
  • Tackle them silently, internally
As life is a journey of the self, I always recommend that one must deal with them internally because as soon as they come out in public they can be chaotic, not for others but for yourself.
  • Convert them
[su_box title=”Energy ” style=”glass” box_color=”#371983″ title_color=”#f6d010″]Emotions are nothing but that extra energy which needs to be converted[/su_box]
Believe me, observe it yourself; whenever negative emotions surround you, you feel heavy; this is nothing but accumulation of extra energy. Which needs to be tackled in a healthy way. Do whatever you love to do, dance, draw, paint, play a sport, walk or run… do whatever, but shoo that extra energy away.
I bet you will feel much lighter.
  • Ignore small happenings
One very effective way to address negative emotions is to ignore tiny incidents of one’s life. Broaden your perspective & try to embrace differences with open arms. The thing right for you may not work for the other. Don’t increase your blood pressure in vain, try to forgive & forget and soon you will realise what a wonderful habit you have adopted.
  • Don’t stop to smile
Even though sometimes we feel hurt but I believe one must not stop talking to the other person & no matter how bad you are feeling, stay normal & keep smiling. Don’t let the key, of your smile, in someone else’s hands.
That’s all folks! I do hope that you would have got benefitted from these simple techniques to deal with negative emotions.
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Stay blessed & keep smiling!
Medhavi 🙂

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