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Hearty Thanks to Brandon From Human of New York

In times when as an individual, along with our country, we find it inevitable to love & respect few countries, along with their people; due to the thoughts we have given since childhood. There is a person who is going beyond this mindset, moving into their people’s hearts & taking out the stories exactly similar to us.

[su_box title=”Finding ” style=”soft” box_color=”#d4c968″ title_color=”#11032b”]And we are finding that they are people like us, & not countries, fighting with society, their own emotions & facing their own nervousnesses.[/su_box]


I’ve read many books & stories on partition & about how does it feel being a refugee; I have tried to feel a flicker of the unbearable pain, the people from both sides go through.


How easy is it for the national rage to disroot someone violently, who is an inhabitant of his beloved country, since ages! Who has seen his generations flourishing at the same location! This pain can never be understood by us.


That’s not all; afterwards the whole country starts sowing hatred into its people’s minds against the people thrown. How & Why? Perhaps these questions can never be answered.


[su_quote]Then after decades there emerges a human being who contradicts every preconceived notion & starts the journey afresh, with an open & compassionate heart.[/su_quote]


And that is Brandon from Humans of New York. Hearty Thanks to you Brandon; Keep up the great work brother!


Love from India


If one wants to read some books on partition, or on refugees, I recommend the following:

Train to Pakistan by Khushwant Singh Ji

The Kite Runner & And the Mountains Echoed by Khaled Hosseini

Lajja by Taslima Nasreen


And other than English books, there are plenty of Hindi books as well, by author Chandrakanta Ji . Some of her books are: Mere Bhoj Patra, Elaan Gali Zinda Hai & Katha Satisar, in these books she has explained he pain of Kashmir. Besides them there is Ankhon Dekha Pakistan by Kamleshwar Ji & Jammu Jo Kabhi Shahar Tha by Padma Sachdev


Love & Peace!

Medhavi 🙂

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