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How to be a better relative this festive season

Parents, siblings, uncles, grandparents, cousins, nieces & nephews- they are all relatives. A relative can be connected to your family through blood or by marriage. This is how Google defined a relative.


And when I searched for some quotes on relatives, I found:


Relatives who don’t wish on our birthdays, have no right to contact us on our result day.


Fate chooses our relatives, we choose our friends.


When our relatives are at home, we have to think of all their good points or it would be impossible to endure them.

George Bernard Shaw


Nowadays many negative quotes can be seen on social media on the same. That means we need to reanalyse our behaviour as relatives. Here I am sharing a few ways that can help one to be a better one.


Be nonjudgmental


No matter how much are we attached to our siblings, uncles or aunts; we tend to judge them or their familes, may be due to this attachmental right. We over-expect & in turn hurt ourselves, which eventually make us even more judgmental.


[su_box title=”Nonjudgmental ” style=”bubbles” box_color=”#8b35d7″ title_color=”#11032b”]If we want a healthier future of relationships, we have to learn to be nonjudgmental. [/su_box]


Refrain yourself from taunting


You know even children understand the tone & intention of one’s voice then how can you expect your relatives not to notice it. Be soft spoken & clear in your intentions.


Advise only when asked


Its our habit, when it comes to relationships, we start giving advises without noticing whether they are required or asked, or not. That too without knowing the matter exactly.


At the end its all about learning how & when to limit ourselves in terms of relationships, & how to expand our horizon towards a broader point of view.


Keep your feelings about other relatives, to yourself


When you are at someone’s home, it’s about his & yours relationship; not how your relationships are with someone else or his’.


Focus on how to maintain a positive one with him not discussing about the traits of others.


Be happy to see them grow


[su_pullquote]The competition or jealousy is always between A, B, C & D. A has nothing to do with M in the same way, B has nothing to do with N and C & D don’t know O & P. [/su_pullquote]

Hope you got it!


Never involve the children


No matter how rough times are you having with your relative, never ever react in a similar way to their children. Keep them out of elders’ complications. Keep loving them as before.


Don’t ask personal questions


As times are changing, no-one wants a third person’s interference into their personal affairs. Like: Your daughter is quite grownup, when is she going to get married?

It’s been long, I think you should plan a baby now?

Your children are lesser intelligent than mine. You know my son topped in his school this year!


In short, mind your own business.


Don’t let the communication stop


Often stopping to talk leads to the end of the relationship. Misunderstandings can be cleared out through an honest talk. Never let this kind of silly mistake ruin your beautiful relationship forever.



Earn respect

Observe elder people in any family, who have earned respect.

[su_note]Know they have commanded it, not demanded it. [/su_note]

At last friends, its about living a peaceful & happier life. Then why to spoil it through our inner turmoils. It’s high time that we learn to expand our horizons, which will lead to a happier & healthier society.


Peace & love

Medhavi 🙂

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