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How expression is necessary to be a better human being

Every art expression is rooted fundamentally in the personality & temperament of the artist.
– Hans Hofman
I was not at all aware of the beauty & benefits of expression before. Due to some happenings in my life I started writing in 2010. It was like finding an entirely hidden aspect of my own persona. Since past 5 years, I’ve strengthened my relationship with pen & I know, together we have a long way to go.
Some people express through dancing, some through painting or acting. But that is absolutely true for all of us that expression makes us lighter. It not only helps us in converting our negative emotions into positive, but teaches us to deal with others’ negativity more effectively, as well.
As I believe there is already a lot of negativity around us, no one needs another’s. So, better express & feel free.

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Express yourself in such a way, that all your frustrations get released. Without telling anybody, dance, draw, act or write. Do whatever, take the plight.


Since I started writing, I observed that first I have to focus on myself. This is the reason most of my poetry & write-ups belong to the self-improvement category. So friends, don’t hesitate to express yourself in a positive way & stay blessed. Who knows your journey of expression may take you to newer heights, which you have never imagined.


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If you have any questions or suggestions, do send me a message and if you feel there is a topic I must write about, don’t hesitate to let me know.
Keep in touch with smiles & a peaceful mind.
Love & peace
Medhavi 🙂

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