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It feels good when….

It’s so good, when we surrender ourselves completely to life. When we start flowing with it. It gives us immense confidence & strength to face any situation & to stay calm in every circumstance. It feels awesome when you welcome everything as it comes. It feels good when you see everyone with equality, when you stop judging everyone & just accept him/her as they are. It feels good when you start thinking that there is a reason behind everything, behind everyone’s nature, whether good or bad, calm or aggressive. It feels good when you always see the brighter side of life. It feels good when you start thinking about your role in the universe. It feels good when you are ready to take the responsibility of all the deficiencies in your country, when you start feeling that if there is something wrong, I’m also responsible for that, even if I’ve not committed it but somewhere & somehow it belongs to me also. It feels good when you start feeling the rush of emotions when you see a touching seen in a movie. It feels good when you get to know that life has a much higher purpose than we feel. It feels good when you realize that you want to pursue your passion, not to show or please someone; but because it gives you satisfaction.  It feels good when you accept yourself as you are, foolish or intelligent, whatever, when you think I am what I am & I belong to this universe. It feels awesome when ideas come into your mind while sitting in passport office & you take out your mobile & start writing them in the notepad. 😀

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