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My review on Mr Vijay K Jain’s work of devotion: Kalyāṇamandira Stotra

Very recently, I received yet another work of devotion and wisdom from the famous scholar of Jainism, honorary Mr Vijay K Jain, titled Kalyāṇamandira Stotra, written by Ācārya Kumudacaṁdra in 6th Century CE. Mr Jain has not only beautifully translated all 44 ślokās of the Stotra but has also added explanatory notes, wherever needed, to make the reader grasp the essence of the prayer.

What impresses me the most about this Indian philosophy is that it motivates one to find the hidden infinite possibilities within, without any discrimination of gender, caste, or creed. It also strengthens the belief in the seeker that the universality of the laws of the cosmos is the same for all living beings. And that with efforts and by following the right path, each being is naturally equipped with the power to attain the state of absolute bliss, which is the state of godhood.

Each soul has to endure the effects of the causes created by itself; however, with its innate attribute of knowledge, it can step out of the cycle of birth, death and rebirth. In this context, I would like to share the relation (Please refer to images 2 and 3), taken from this book itself, between the soul of 23rd tīrthaṁkara (Ford maker) Lord Pārśvanātha and Kamaṭha (who had animosity with him), of ten lifetimes (as given in the scriptures). This description is about how the prior kept withdrawing himself from the conflict and how the latter kept bothering him until the day the Lord attained liberation. Not only that but also the philosophy depicts that even after committing such crimes, the soul of the Kamaṭha is still worthy of repentance, as even his ultimate destination is to attain mokṣa.

I wish respected Dr Jain, who is like a father figure to me, the best for his sādhanā. He is a modern yogi who keeps doing his work relentlessly. I am sure his work will keep guiding the present day and the generations to come for the betterment of humanity.

Peace and good vibes to all

Dr Medhavi Jain


Dharma For Life

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