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If We Truly Want A Revolution…

If we truly want a revolution, we have to start working on it from now only. That doesn’t mean that we all should move out of our houses and to start taking part in rallies or marches. Yes, of course a crowd holds the power. But as someone has said,” Change begins from within”. We have to start this from our homes, we have to start to think differently, equally. We have to make the girls/women of our houses mentally, emotionally & physically stronger. This change has to be there in our thinking, which should not be biased when it comes to the physically weaker sex. And then being a responsible member of this society we can play our own duties with liability. Let’s talk about our role in the society:
Family: A family is the smallest unit of any society. Being parents every adult should treat their daughter & son equally. If it’s good for your son, it must be okay for your daughter too and if it’s not okay for your daughter then how can it be good for your son. If you are teaching them to raise their voice against violence then why not against eve teasing too. Girls are not objects which can not feel, think or react. We should raise our daughters to have their own voice. Parents should take their advise too when it comes to take any decision about the family, their education or marriage.
Boys/men- It’s high time people when you should reanalyse your thinking towards girls/women. Because a revolution is just round the corner, it’s nearby. That time is not far when all the Nari Shakti (women power) will be united & then on our streets whoever will eve tease them or even stare at them, will be slapped hard. Stop thinking about them as objects or as if they enjoy your stare. Stop making them feel uncomfortable.
Media, ad film makers etc.- We all are connected and being members of the same society we get highly influenced by our movies, T.V serials and ads. We all love watching them. But are they doing enough justice to us or to our children? I think everyone knows the answer. When a man & a woman are in a relationship, their intimacy is their intensely personal matter and everyone is capable enough to adopt the required contraceptive method then why do our ad makers want to not only sell their stuff but to provoke audiences’ desires. It’s okay people everybody knows what to do, you don’t have to use chocolates in your ads to embarrass a family watching T.V. together. On the other hands some weak minds start to work.
And how can you show a man & his wife getting intimate in an ad of a body lotion. I mean their is no connection, but everybody wants to take audiences’ attention to only one direction i.e. sex. Why? The list is quite long when it comes to movies & some scenes of our daily soaps. But right now everything deserves a second thought.
Girls/women: Ladies, it’s really hurting that crimes against women are increasing day by day. When a crime like this happens we all feel deeply connected to each other, a wind of sisterhood blows in every woman for every woman. If we talk about the society, we all have to rethink about our own role too.
In this regard our dressing comes first. We have to analyse that whom are we dressing up for? Is it for ourselves, our comfort or to attract someone? One more question can be asked with ourselves i.e. am I looking decent enough? That’s it. I think all the answers lie in this question only.
Point is not that that you are going to be eve teased or not. Problem is that each female represents the whole feminist community, if a bad mind gets distracted or provoked by one’s actions or clothing, he starts to see every woman with the same eyes. So, no one can have an idea that why a fully covered woman can also be raped.
Please note that I’m not trying to be a Talibanist, neither I’m saying that women should stay behind a veil. I’m saying that women should try to think beyond clothing, why to attract unnecessary attention towards us, rather we should spend our energy on other intellectual or sporty or any other interesting stuff. Why some women want to be a toy for men. The girls working in those ads or any other ad where they are shown as mere objects, should think about their role towards the society & womanhood as well.
Always remember that men may be physically stronger but women are the ones with more emotional power and women have a better idea between right & wrong. They can decide strongly what their limits are & they are the ones who have the capacity to not to cross their limits in weak moments too.
There is no word for the women who use themselves to blackmail an innocent guy. They should rethink about their character…
I hope I’ve succeeded in conveying properly  what I had in my mind. If we all start to work responsibly that day is not far when our society will be an ideal one.

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