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Just trying to be a spectator of my own thoughts and going to write them down as they would come into my mind.
Moon, grandeur, beauty, immense. How can it be so beautiful and shiny, what is its story? How, how, how can it handle this glory with the same ease, always.
The morning weather, clouds in the sky, a bit of lightning, thunder of clouds, rain started and ended soon too. The weather is peaceful, as if meditating. Sky is continuously changing colours towards lighter shades. Many birds are flying here and there, I wonder what they are up to? What is their purpose in life? Birds hiding in the trees are continuously chirping as if communicating with the cosmos. I’m wondering of course they say something with each chirping, some message, some frustration, some wishes, some satisfactions but unfortunately we are unable to understand their language.
A new set of clouds is coming from the south and moving towards the north. As the big window of my house opens into the west, the newly rised sun is invisible to me. But the cloud passing over is showing the sun’s reflection in some parts of it. The rest of its part is grey. I’m again wondering where would these clouds go, how many formations would they hold and how would their journey end or I must say they too would keep changing their shapes and sizes, paths and directions but would stay here only, perhaps always…
I’m mesmerised again at the compatibility of the sun and the moon. It’s commendable. One comes, another goes.
Look! I tried to bind a few minutes’ observations into my diary but silly me, how can I bind my thoughts and these ever changing formations of nature into mere words, for in the past fifteen minutes the whole scene has changed. The sun has moved a bit above into the sky, the clouds have moved forward, the chirping of the birds is different now.
Everything has changed. Isn’t it a miracle…

Wishing you all a healthy day friends!!!
Medhavi 🙂

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