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Don’t talk about vegetarianism


We must not talk about vegetarianism and animal rights, in a world where humans are eating or (about to eat) their fellow humans. How can we talk about not killing the animals? How can we ever make someone understand that killing an animal is an equal crime as killing a homo-sapiens. In a world where non-vegetarians confess proudly that they have tried everything except humans. I wonder if it is an achievement? Because it’s about robbing a living being’s right to live. It’s not about violating the man-made laws, it’s about respecting the universal laws. Which are same and equal for all, unbiased, irrespective of one’s cast and creed. Which are not partial like man-made god and religions.
In circumstances like these obviously life of a human is more important because he is the most developed species on the planet, most valuable. But most dangerous and most destructive too, without a doubt.
Of course whenever doomsday would come it would be wiser to save all the humans first as they would be the ones who would take humanity further.
But just give it a thought that we are the ones who are the most dependent on others for our survival. Whether clothing, food, shelter or our increasing greed. If there would be no humans on earth, it would make no difference.
But if there would be no trees, it would cause a huge chaos.
No water, there would be no life.
No fire, no life.
No air, no life.
No soil, no life.
No humans, peaceful existence.

Have a thoughtful day pals!!!
Medhavi 🙂

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