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My dear Pandits & Gurus,

You are the ones who are supposed to be closest to all the deities, including me. Well some of you really are, but many of you are far away what you are supposed to be. In fact many householder men & women have much higher spiritual level than you. You people are the torchbearers of the society but if a torchbearer starts to forget his role or make wrong use of his torch, then there has to be a revolution. And as I can see a revolution is round the corner. In fact now; when people are watching movies like OMG, you should be aware of whatever you are saying or doing.

God & deities are not orthodox. We are science; we are the knower of everything; from the atom to the ultimate truth. We are not limited to your planet only; in fact we are related to the universe. So, stop scaring innocent people on our name. Let some things be between us & them only. Always remember we all can just help them & show them the way. The final decision is & should be theirs only; & then they have their karmas with them.

You call me “MOKSH DWAR KAPAATINI” (who opens the doors of Moksh/emancipation). I hope you know what the word Moksh means. It is a state, which can only be attained through love, non-violence & tapa (penance) only. Then from where comes the questions of sacrifice??? Why do you support killing of innocent animals? On one hand you worship cows & on the other you cut throat of mute animals, what kind of dharma is it? And what about soul, if each soul is the same; how can you hurt anyone?

Don’t forget everyone has to face the result of his or her karma & unfortunately you are not binding very good karmas…

You people study scriptures & learn mantras since your childhood, so you’re quite good in reciting them. However if someone asks you the meaning of any chant, logically, you start feeling embarrassed. Why? Don’t you think now is the time that you pay a little attention to your true knowledge also.

So, now promise me that you will try to improve yourself & will stop terrifying people on our name. Try to recognize my spiritual form, play your role honestly. Soon, you will be blessed.


-Maa Durga

-Image credits to my daughter Divyanshi

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