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Why do people marry? Can’t they stay single through out their lives? Why has this institution been made? Because it gets so many boundations, responsibilities, tensions etc. Of course it gets many good things also. But what should be the answer for today’s generation?

Before I take this discussion further, I want to say that I strongly believe in this institution.
Last night my sixteen year old daughter asked me this question what we were having a candid discussion. Now a days when live in relationships are becoming quite common. Why and till when people will continue ti have faith in this institution?
Frankly speaking I couldn’t find any satisfactory answer. I said,” because when they grow old, when their parents are there no more, their siblings also get busy with their lives. At that time they have someone by their side.”
And otherwise also what would they do in their lives, besides their professions they won’t be having anything else to do. And one can’t spend his/her life with friends only.
Then she asked,” why the people of our society have this mindset that once you grow up, you have to settle down in life, by getting married. Why? Is marriage the proof of  one’s settling down?”
At that time I couldn’t find any answer but then I thought and kept thinking. And then the answer came.
If we think about God & spirituality, we get a feeling of surrender and devotion. Getting married (is kind of) a step towards that devotion. This institution teaches us to be responsible, to be caring, to serve selflessly, to think about others. That’s why in India marriages are said to be the unison of two souls. This relationship is considered serene. And I believe that too that after getting married one has to search for the perfection, for that trueness in his/her life partner. Just like we have to do penance (tapasya) to reach towards God, we have to do austerity to recognise the true nature of our life partner’s soul. It may take several years. But when two soul mates recognise each other, their relationship becomes  divine.
So, my conclusion is that; marriages are indeed made in heavens. Marriage is a step towards God.
What say friends?
Do let me know your views.
Thanks & take care,
Medhavi Jain

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