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My Podcast- Mann Ki Medha

Hello friends,

Recently I got an invite to be a weekly podcaster with an initiative of the HT team named: health-shots. This is a website that is meant to solve the queries of the millennials, esp. women. I am talking about various issues here including the challenges youngsters face in their everyday lives. Plus as a life-coach and a writer I will definitely be talking about self-introspection, motivation, dreams, relationships, and whatever is there in our lives. Till now twelve episodes have been telecasted and I am glad to share that I am getting really good response, where even boys are not only listening to them but also making notes. I’ve spoken about – Savings in the times of Corona, Importance of Own-Time, Dealing with Negative Energy, Difference Between Information, Knowledge and Wisdom, Life Partner as the other half circle of your persona, Tackling Social Media with efficiency and Drugs to name a few. In future also I will be talking about various issues with the basic introduction to the philosophy of Jainism, in which I’ve completed my PhD recently.

Perhaps Moscow is the city where each of my podcasts is being heard in the first place by guess who? By Dr. Natalia Zheleznova, the Russian scholar of Jainism who enjoys listening to them like anything. She regularly sees my talks on Youtube as well and have given me feedback that Jainism is her subject of research hence she knows all aspects of it but this is something altogether new and she finds it interesting. She said her Tuesday mornings start with listening to my podcast.

You can listen to all episodes of my podcast at Mann Ki Medha

That’s it for now friends.

Take care

Dr. Medhavi Jain

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