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My Review on Dr. Padmanabh Jaini’s autobiography ‘Coincidences’ (Yogãyoga)

[su_quote]When a 95-year-old, looks back at his life, he is distant enough to see and analyze its occurrences, how events took place, how achievements were accomplished and how the cosmos worked in his favor in various adversities. And when that man is a scholar, the observation becomes even deeper. [/su_quote]

As soon as I opened the book & start reading the foreword by Dr. John E. Cort, as a researcher myself, I could feel that the connection was made. Because the very first paragraph is what even I feel at all times. Indeed, research is a tedious task, where the scholar feels as if he/she is the only one on this pursuit. During his research he is unaware if the research will be recognized by the renowned or not? But he keeps doing it as he finds himself passionate for the same. At that particular moment research seems to be a scholar’s only escape, for he is bound to dive into the infinite ocean of knowledge provided in the immensely rich treasure of the ancient Indian as well as modern texts by different, efficient thinkers.

His life is a sheer example of dedication, hard-work & honesty. A role model for all age groups, one can surely look up to not only his work but also his life to seek guidance about how to move on tirelessly. This book depicts that since the very young age his vision was quite clear in terms of getting educated. The young Dr. Jaini appears to be a clear hearted gentleman, who is always ready to meet and greet the already accomplished people of his field. He seems to be the one who is not an opportunist but one who never misses an opportunity. This book also discloses that the mature and the eminent have the ability to see through an energetic younger one, to analyze the depth of his intent to pursue his dreams.

Though as a scholar I am quite young and my journey has just started, but I could easily relate my journey to Dr. Jaini’s as even I can clearly trace the beautiful coincidences about how I met few of the renowned scholars in my life; like – from the very beginning Acharya Gopi Lal Amar (who motivated me to restart my education and to do PhD), Prof. Anekant Kumar Jain, Dr. Natalia Zheleznova (who has worked as a torch bearer to me, be it about how to write a good thesis or other philosophical topics like karma etc.), Dr. Ashok Kumar Jain from IIT Roorkee (who along with expressing his faith in me, has criticized me at the right times to have a broader point of view), Dr. Shugan Chand Jain (Chairman, ISJS), Prof. Dayanand Bhargava (who has always being a guide to me), Dr. Robert Zydenbos, Dr. Narendra Bhandari, Dr. Sulekh Jain to few non scholarly people like Mr. Suresh Jain (Bhopal) & Mr. Chandra Mohan Shah, who became my friend on social media site Facebook and eventually sent me this book. However, Dr. Brian L. Weiss writes in his book, ‘Messages From The Masters’, “there are reasons for everything, and no coincidences exist on the path of destiny.”

From Dr. Jaini’s smiling and enlightened face on the front cover page to his standing at the door of a train at the back-cover page, the book summarizes (majorly) his scholarly pursuit in a nutshell. A must read for every scholar, to be able to realize that we are mortal and will die sooner or later, but what we leave behind is our work we do throughout our lives which will speak for us forever.

With this I pay my heartfelt regards to respected Dr. Padmanabh S. Jaini and wish him good health.

Happiness & peace


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