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Belonging from a mixed culture (Baniya, Punjabi) gave me, comparatively, a broader point of view to see and understand things. I got married into a Jain family. Eventually after sixteen years, my reading habit made me curious to know the answers of some philosophical questions like: What is life? Why are we here? What is our purpose? What lies beyond etc.? Then as destined I got in touch with the teachings of Jainism, within two days I started to transform, I felt a divine energy pouring through me. I found many of my hidden capabilities, till then lying somewhere in my subconscious.

At that moment I realised why there are so less people interested in, or know about this philosophy? Silently my consciousness took a pledge of studying it further (as much as I can), and then spread it in my own way. As I believe ‘Life is a journey of knowing, not believing.’ I picked up my lost dreams again, of continuing my education. Since then there is no looking back. In past 6-7 years, I became a writer, completed my graduation, then masters (in Jainism), became a Life-Coach, in the meanwhile two of my Hindi poetry books got published, and now I am a research scholar, busy in PhD. Without wasting time, I would like to share a few things that this wonderful philosophy has taught me.

1. Self Improvement is the key to make this world a better place

In a society where almost every, so called, knowledgable person is preaching about good things to others, without paying an attention towards his own self. I found self-improvement has an endless scope. Almost all of my writings are about peeping in, finding my own faults and how I can improvise myself further. And believe me the more I work on myself, the more work I find.

2. Equanimity

I learnt that all souls are equal and being humans we must treat them with immense respect.

3. Take Charge of Your own Life

Be independent, take charge of your own doings, achievements as well as failures. Stop looking out for a God to support you or bless you.

4. A Physical Reality – Karma

That Karma is not an abstract concept but a physical reality, that recognises the soul it is bound to, it arrives just at the right time and gives just the right fruition, that has to be endured by that particular soul.

5. Get Knowledgeable, It’s Blissful

Gaining knowledge broadens one’s point of view, be it good books, deep poetry or scriptures. No one can negotiate in this context, it opens the doors of self-exploration. Have your own thoughts and questions.

[su_box title=”Individuality ” style=”glass” box_color=”#f5ed72″ title_color=”#2b0c66″ radius=”6″]A beautiful philosophy that teaches to break the shackles of blind faith and gets one’s individuality introduced to oneself. That tells one to stand for the self with fearless exaltation, for there is no one, one is anwersable to; but oneself. [/su_box]

6. The Journey Belongs to The Self

Hence find what you are meant for and dedicate your life to it. To be precise: work out of joy, not for the sake of joy.

7. Be Rational, Stop Blind Following

Being human is rare, utilise yourself to the most. Respect yourself and avoid rubbing your nose in front of every door, without knowing the truth.

8. Try to Tap The Infinity Within

You are unaware of your own strengths and infinite capabilities. Expand, explore and find yourself.

[su_highlight]What is a religious philosophy if it has not touched the inner chords of my conscience and fills me up with extreme gratitude and compassion! That not only enhances my knowledge but also awakens my intellect to an ever curious longing to learn more.[/su_highlight]

9. Be Fearless

Surprisingly in the modern world people are becoming ever more fearful, fear of God’s anger, curse of a particular deity and so on… Wonderfully religions teach us to be fearless and not vice versa.

10. Infinite Point of Views

There are infinite point of views to see and understand the truth hence stay out of negative arguments and respect all.

And the journey continues…

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See you soon!

Love & Peace
Medhavi 🙂

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