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Language is just a mode of communication, any scholar of any particular language can be proved illiterate for a language unknown.
A person should be smart enough to make his way around the world or to handle a particular situation. Language has nothing to do with one’s intellect or knowledge.
Then why do we hype about it a lot? When we travel in different countries, we observe that every person speaks their own language, yes they do speak english also (which is a foreign language), but just to a certain extent & that too not very clear or in an understandable way.
In India, especially in urban cities, it’s a taboo not speaking in English. Why is it like that? And by mistake if a person uses wrong grammar then everybody makes fun of him. I don’t think it’s justified. A person should not be judged by his/her appearance but by his intelligence. It is the time when we have to love our language, otherwise that day is not far when our future generations will treat hindi as a foreign language. We can see this in our kids, who are studying in english schools. They don’t know hindi counting, in fact there are many words, which they just don’t understand because of their less use in day to day talk. Here I’m sharing a poem
“Apni Bhaasha se Prem karo”,
Prem karo bhai prem karo, apni bhaasha hindi se prem kkaro.
Jao chahe America ya jao Japan,
Har vyakti hai bol raha apni-apni zabaan.
Chahe hon Malaysia ke niwasi ya hon Cheeni,
Apni-apni bhaasha bol rahe sabhi.
Fir hum kyon na apni bhaasha ko apnaate?
Kyon hum hindi ko khud se door bhagate?
Shehron mein to hai bura hi haal,
Hindi bole wale ko samjhen log behaal.
Yadi hum aaj apni bhaasha se prem na karenge,
To socho 100 saal baad log kya karenge?
Na rahega hindi ka koi naam-o-nishaan,
Apne hi desh mein yeh bhaasha hogi mehmaan.
Taatparya yeh nahin ki angrezi se door rahen,
Kintu kyon na donon hi bhaashaon mein nipun rahen.
Aur tab hum garv se keh sakte hain,
Ki haan hum apne desh ki hi tarah apni bhaasha se bhi prem kar sakte hain.

Thanks & have a great day!!!
Medhavi 🙂

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