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A Message From The Setting Moon

Autumn mornings are so peaceful. When the noise of all electronic appliances like- AC, Coolers, Fans etc. come to a break. In these mornings we can hear something else, we can hear the voice of silence. From outside & we can hear it from deep within. This voice is beautiful, peaceful & serene. Sometimes when we get afraid to hear this voice, as we are not very used to of it. But if we sit alone & think and try to understand it, it becomes clearer. It tells us to think beyond, to think towards infinity. It tells us how grand are we to not to focus on petty issues and also that how tiny we are in front of the endless stream of time.

I get up, raise the curtains of my window, which lies in the west and I become amazed at the sight in the western sky! It is still dark. There is moon, which is about to set. It is looking beautiful, beyond description. A perfect round, with a hue of orange, so stunning, as if it is there for me only. As if I am the only one who is capturing its’ beauty in my eyes. Then I get busy with my daily chores & just after five minutes I again come to the window to take a look at it; now the sun has come into existence and the color of the sky is becoming lighter. And I can see the moon fading, as if it is behind a veil. It seemed that the moon was giving a message. That I was here to show you the way through night, now my job is done and I’m leaving, without any regrets. I’ll come again when the time will be right. Till then the sun is here to help you out. Bye and have a great day ahead! 🙂

And I’m wondering how the nature is so patient and so neutral. It never wants to take any credits, just working silently, just giving….

I’m thinking again; can’t we be like nature?


Thanks lot friends & have a great day!!!

-Medhavi 🙂

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