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Life Coaching

How to decide that you are ready for coaching?

What is Life-Coaching

Life coaching is altogether different from consultancy & therapy. Here the coach makes you believe in yourself, reminds you of your strengths & gives you honest feedback. A coach never tells you what to do, instead she helps you find your own solutions.

Google & Wiki definitions of a life-coach

Google: A person employed to help people attain their goals. Wikipedia: Coaching is training or development in

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Pick up your bag & depart

Today, just pick up your bag and depart for the journey. A journey to have your own experiences, own faiths, own beliefs, own explorations, understandings, risks, struggles and to live your own life. But don't forget to put conscience, honesty, hard-work and courage, into your bag, among the advices of your genuine well wishers. Because no matter how many good advices someone would give,

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A Poem translated from Kahlil Gibran’s poetry

Hi friends,

My last blog was a poetry about the comparison between a bird mother & a human mother. One of the seekers, Ms. Seema Deshpande, really cleared the doubts in my mind by sharing a poetic version of Mr. Kahlil Gibran. It touched me so much that I tried to translate it into hindi. Please have a look at both the versions & give me your kind feedback if I've done justice to it. Thank you Seema Ji.
English version:
Your children are not your children. They are the sons and daughters of Life's longing for itself. They come through you but not from you, And though they are with you yet they belong not to you.

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I Pretend

When I say I'm not angry, But truly in my heart I'm full of rage, I pretend. When I say I believe in equality, But in my heart I'm biased, I pretend. When I say I love everybody evenly, No matter how their nature is, But in just a tiny incident, I start to fret, I pretend. When I say I…

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It Shows That You Care

There are some little gestures, Which shows that you care. You care for humanity, You care for life, You care for society, You care for mankind. When in a public place, There is no room for space, All the seats are full & someone older enter, When you offer your seat to her, It shows that you care. While in a…

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Go back, go back in time, Forget everything you've learned till now. And start the journey with a new, fresh perspective. See things around you with a new eye, Observe everything with a fresh smile. There are secrets hidden in every incident, in every tiny thing, Secrets which want to be explored. Every little thing has it's…

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