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Stop Comparing & Start Accepting

We often tend to compare our children with others and mostly find others better. We all know comparing is not good. Biologically we all are different, this difference is what makes this world so beautiful. Different ideas, ways of living, cultures, languages, and personalities make our planet worth living. Here I am trying to put some light in terms of your child’s individuality.

Your child is the best

No matter what others say or talk about your child, there is absolutely no one who can know her better than you, irrespective of her age. You’ve given birth to her, you’ve raised her up, and you know her strengths & weaknesses. Every relationship has its ups & downs. Especially when children are in their teenage, they think of their parents as their enemies. But let me tell you irrespective of what they show in front of you, they are deeply attached to you within. Its not a relationship of a few years, it’s a lifetime bonding. And no one can take parents’ place.


[su_box title=”Teenage ” style=”bubbles” box_color=”#28168d” title_color=”#11032b”]This is the crucial age when they need you the most, to just be there, non-judgmentally, unconditionally. To hold their hands warmly, when they seem depressed, to hug them tightly without any reason.[/su_box]


These tiny gestures send them mute messages, that enhance their faith in parents and assure them that you are always there for them.


[su_quote]Don’t be a Hitler When there is a global wave of certain things spreading its wings through media, it’s not right to expect one’s child to be away from it. What do you want, an honest child or a fake personality, whom he is not?[/su_quote]


Accept them the way they are

Some are good at studies, some at sports; few in art & some are average in all. See your past & try to remember everyone you used to know. I bet almost every one of them would, eventually, have turned out to be okay. We all have our time of shining. Sooner or later everyone finds a way. As parents, have patience; give them their space.


Respect their dreams


Especially in our country it is expected from the children to follow their parents’ footsteps, which I don’t find right. We all are here to have our own experiences not someone else’s. In this context I would like to share a poem, Children by world famous philosopher Kahlil Gibran; that changed my thinking towards parenthood, forever.

We only have got one life, its up to us how do we choose to live, with or without love.

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Love & peace


Medhavi 🙂

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